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Field Experiences are professional development opportunities that allow teachers to study a variety of geologic topics in the field and permit teachers to collect rock, mineral and fossil samples to take back to their classrooms.  Additionally, teachers learn how to incorporate inquiry-based learning into their classrooms and they are able to earn professional development hours or graduate credit. Discover Colorado’s Geology¬†and Hawaii Teacher Learning.

Online Educational Computer Games

CMU has recently released two new educational computer games that teach scientific principles of stability and balance, scientific inquiry processes, and social-emotional skills. You can play the games and find some additional teacher resources at

Online Field Trips
As many schools are cutting funding to field trips, please consider sharing information about this FREE electronic field trip program from Purdue University with your science and health science teachers. There will be a brand new 'Science of Nutrition' zipTrip in November 2012 and a 'It's a Gene Thing!' zipTrip in February 2013. For more information: or email Thank you, Jamie Loizzo Purdue zipTrips Project Manager

Personal Genetics Education Project (
Based in a genetics laboratory at Harvard Medical School, our mission is to engage and educate students on the ethical, legal and social issues that are rapidly emerging as learning about our DNA becomes a widespread and inexpensive possibility.

We develop and distribute teaching resources for high school and college teachers, and also conduct outreach events at schools and for the general public. Current high school students are the first generation of people who will come of age in an era of personalized medicine, and they need to grasp the scientific and social issues they will face if we want to see personal genetics adopted in a fair and ethical way. Our materials consist of innovative lesson plans that tackle complex ethical issues while remaining focused on key scientific concepts that are all aligned with the Common Core Standards. Examples can be found, all free of charge, at: To give you a sense about our work, here is a link to a very short essay we contributed to the Genomics Law Report published by Robinson, Bradshaw and Hinson.



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