Honor Roll of Fellows Award

Many individuals have contributed to the success of the Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association (PSTA) since its beginning in 1951.  Through their efforts, PSTA has grown and has become a contributing force within the Commonwealth in the area of science education. The Association wishes to recognize these individuals with the Honor Roll of Fellows Award.

The award is designed to recognize individuals who, through active leadership and scholarly endeavor over a significant period of time, have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the Association and its goals.

Nominees for the Honor Roll of Fellows Award shall meet the following criteria:*

  • Recognized achievement in science education over an extended period of time.
  • Outstanding service to the members of  PSTA for at least ten (10) years which may include:
    • Serving as an officer of the Association;
    • Serving on Association committees;
    • Being a frequent presenter at PSTA conventions;
    • Promoting membership in PSTA;
    • Contributing materials for publication in the Exchange; and/or
    • Making other significant contributions which advance the goals and objectives of PSTA.

  • Demonstration of service to science education at the local, state, and national levels:
    • through leadership which promotes the purpose of PSTA;
    • by service on non-PSTA committees at any of these levels;
    • as a presenter at non-PSTA conferences;
    • by contributions of materials for publication in non-PSTA journals; and
    • through other significant contributions which advance the goals and objectives of PSTA at the local, state, and national level.

The Honor Roll of Fellows Award shall consist of:*

  • an engraved plaque;
  • a medallion;
  • a Life Membership in PSTA; and
  • complimentary registration, meals, and lodging for one day and night at the convention at which the award is presented.

*as stated in the PSTA Policy Manual

To The Nominator:

 It is the Nominator’s responsibility to assemble an entire packet for submission, which must include:

  • The nominee’s professional resume (maximum of two pages).
  • A narrative describing the nominee’s distinguished service to science education and PSTA.  This must be word-processed on 8.5 X 11 paper (maximum of three pages)
  • Three letters of support in addition to the letter of nomination.

Application due dates are September 1st of each year.

Past Award Recipients



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