Past Fellows Award Recipients

The Fellows Award is designed to recognize individuals who, through active leadership and scholarly activities, have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of education in the sciences and science teaching.  This individual must have served as an officer or director of PSTA and have been a sustaining member within the organization.  The Fellows Award is the highest honor the organization can bestow upon an individual.

Recipients of the Fellows Award include:

1985                  William McIlwaine
1985                  Kenneth Mechling
1986                  Roy Allison
1986                  H. Seymour Fowler
1988                  Donna Oliver
1990                  Wayne Mikach
1990                  Barry Barnhart
1991                  Clyde Dry
1991                  Bruce Smith
1993                  David A. Wiley
1994                  Donald Keys
1996                  Laura Yoder
2000                  Judith Hechtman
2000                  Anthony Lazzaro
2001                  Mary E. Sweeney
2003                  Donald E. Kline
2005                  Christine Anne Royce
2006                  William Ayers
2008                  Ruth Ruud
2011                  Dr. G. Kip Bollinger
2012                  Dr. Catherine Stephenson
2015                  Keith Butler




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